Why Basic Economy is Bad for Business Travelers

Running a travel program for your business can often feel like juggling. You have to balance your needs (like staying under budget and reporting accurate spend information), with your team’s needs (like having a comfortable travel experience, and being productive on the road).

Lola.com's 24/7 Travel Consultants Make Business Travel Stress-Free

If your employees are traveling for business, chances are they've experienced the stress and frustration that comes along with flight delays. Lola.com's 24/7 Travel Consultants take that pain away from travelers by being proactive, fixing problems, and getting everyone where they need to be. Read our interview with Lauren, a Lola Travel Consultant, to hear how she helped a recent stranded passenger.

6 Reasons Your Employees Hate Your Travel Policy

You’ve taken the time to write up a travel policy, but your employees are not following it. We’ve put together some common mistakes companies make in their travel policy. Instead of re-writing the whole thing, read our tips below to easily adjust your policy and get full employee buy-in.

A Day in the Life of Lola.com's EA

“Wait… so what does an Executive Assistant actually do?

It’s a question I get asked. A lot. If you had asked me that exact question last year, I probably would have said something like “that person in the office who organizes calendars and books travel.”

Simplified Corporate Travel Planning for Executive Assistants

If you’re an Executive Assistant, then you know what it’s like to be planning, booking, and changing travel plans for your boss. Most EAs book travel, create a google doc itinerary with all important travel info, and email it to their boss before each trip. They’ll also have a separate spreadsheet with all of their boss’s travel info, like date of birth, passport information, and sometimes this will include travel info for their boss’s frequent travel partners too.

How to Set Hotel Per Diems by City

Corporate travel policies are put into place to help guide employees with decisions when booking hotels and flights for business trips. These guidelines typically include a maximum price per night for accommodation, cabin class for flights, and other rules that help to control business travel costs without breaking the bank.

What Having No Travel Policy Really Means for Your Company

There comes a time when most growing businesses need to determine if they need a business travel policy, or if they should continue to let employees book travel on their own. For small and medium sized businesses, a travel policy might seem too “corporate.” But have you ever wondered what effect a lack of travel policy really has on your employees?

5 Things to Include in Your Travel Policy

If your company doesn’t currently have a travel policy, then you know the pain of employee overspending, stressed out travelers, and wasted time tracking down receipts. It’s time to create a travel policy that everyone will follow, and it’s easier than you think. Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind when creating a travel policy.